The G&J Journal

Cheese of the week - Harrogate Blue

May 31, 2014 Stephen Fleming

Our cheese of the week is also one of our biggest sellers - Harrogate Blue.  The cheese has also just won a gold medal at the British Cheese Awards earlier this week. Created by Judy Bell's daughters Katie and Caroline at Shepherd's Purse Cheeses in Thirsk, it was launched in 2012 and won Best New Product at the Great Yorkshire Show in the same year.  It then won a silver medal at the World Cheese Awards and a gold at the Gobal Cheese awards in the same year.Matured for at least 10 weeks the cheese has a creamy texture and...

Cheese of the week - Sparkenhoe Red Leicester

May 24, 2014 Stephen Fleming

Cheese of the week is a Sparkenhoe Red Leicester.  Made by David and Jo Clarke in Leicestershire, it is the only handmade unpasteurised Red Leicester in the world.  The cheese is matured for 6 months to develop a creamy, flaky texture and a nutty taste.

Cheeses of the week: Hellfire and Beenleigh Blue

April 26, 2014 Stephen Fleming

Our cheeses of the week this week are Hellfire and Beenleigh Blue,   Hellfire   Made by Cryer and Stott in Wakefield,Hellfire is a combination of cheddar, mustard seeds and Leeds Brewery Hellfire Pale Ale.  It takes it's inspiration from French cheeses which combine mustard seeds and that are then washed in beer. Beenleigh Blue A moist, crumbly blue cheese made by Ticklemore Cheese in Devon.  Rich, sweet and nutty, similar to Roquefort, it is one of only three ewe’s milk blue cheeses made in the UK

Cheese of the week - Godminster Vintage Organic Cheddar

April 19, 2014 Stephen Fleming

Our cheese of the week this week is from Godminster in Somerset.  Their Vintage Cheddar is made from 100% organic pasteurised milk.  Matured for around 14 months, the cheese is rich and creamy, with a lingering taste. We've got both the original and smoked varieties to try in the shop - come down and have a taste!

Cheese of the week - Katy's White Lavender

March 29, 2014 Stephen Fleming

Cheese of the week is Katy's White Lavender, made by Shepherd's Purse Cheeses in North Yorkshire. Katy's White Lavender is a ewe's milk cheese, which is matured in English lavender.  This allows the lavender flavour to infuse into the cheese, contrasting with the sweet and slighty salty cheese.