Pregnancy-Friendly Cheese

Pregnancy-Friendly Cheese

George & Joseph are unable to offer any medical advice when it comes to your pregnancy and what you can and cannot eat.  However we will keep this page updated with any current advice from the NHS website regarding the consumption of cheese during pregnancy.

We advise that all hard cheese is generally safe to eat during pregnancy and to avoid blue and moist soft cheeses. 

NHS advice has recently changed and we have changed our list of cheeses accordingly. However we do recommend that you research fully yourself before purchasing / consuming anything.

Updated May 2021.

NHS advice on what cheeses are safe during pregnancy


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**PRODUCT SHELF LIFE - with the majority of our cheeses we cut and wrap them fresh to send out, hard cheeses last 7 to 10 days, softs last 5 to 7 days from date of dispatch. Please bear this in mind when choosing your date of delivery, you can choose up to 3 months in advance. We advise you arrange delivery for as close to your planned date of consumption as possible**

We do stock a small number of individually pre-wrapped cheeses which come in with longer best before dates and make a great option to go into hampers that will not be gifted for a while - please email for advise on which cheeses work best in this instance. 


Symbol Key:

UnPasteurised Milk / Pasteurised Milk

Traditional Rennet / Vegetarian Rennet

Pregnancy Friendly

(if this symbol is missing we do not recommend this cheese for those who are pregnant or are in similar high risk categories)