cheese gifts from george and joseph cheesemongers - raclette heater


Within any product on our website you can now click on the button “GIFT THIS ITEM” if you wish to send it as a gift. You are then directed to a pop-up window where you enter the recipient’s email address, name and any gift message you wish to include.

An automatically generated email will be sent to the lucky recipient with your heartfelt message, making them aware that an item will be delivered to them in the future. Available on ALL products.

This is a great option if you are sending a gift to someone imminently. It may spoil the surprise if you are placing a pre-order for delivery in two months time! So please bear that in mind.

The “GIFT THIS ITEM” button can also be used for our G&J Gift Cards - you will just need to forward on the email confirmation which has the gift card code within it.

Our Gift Cards are available to purchase online and can be used on our website and in our shop in Chapel Allerton. If you “GIFT THIS ITEM” the giftee will receive an email with your gift message so no need to waste time and paper with printing.

If you wish to purchase hard copy gift vouchers you will need to come into the shop to buy them.

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