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emmanuelle cheesemonger at george and joseph cheesemongers north leeds

Meet the Mongers - Emmanuelle

emmanuelle cheesemonger at george and joseph cheesemongers leeds

Next up in Meet the Mongers we have our resident French cheese lover - a font of all knowledge when it comes to suggesting British alternatives to French classics.

Here's the background on Emmanuelle, one of the newest members of our team.

🧀 She became a cheesemonger to give people an experience, showing them all the «savoir-faire» and passion of cheesemakers and all the little stories specific to each cheese. Each bite bears bits of humanity!

🧀 Her favourite cheese on the counter at the moment is Cornish Yarg, here's what she said. This cheese is a brand new taste to me! I have never tasted anything similar in France. Fresh and crumbly, long lasting taste in the mouth, surprising with its rind covered with nettles. I thought it was a «modern cheese» but in fact it’s a 17th century recipe rediscovered in… - now you have to come to the shop to know the end of this story!

🧀 Emmanuelle's other favourite cheeses are: the Rollright which is like a Vacherin, the Stinking bishop – you also have to know why it’s called as such! – the Yorkshire Blue and the Etivaz !

🧀 When not cheesemongering, Emmanuelle likes to discover new places, new people, new cultures and knowledge… so you may find her asking you lots of questions too ;-)

🧀 Emmanuelle likes to enjoy every moment in life, being positive, sharing meals with friends and family, and making people laugh and smile.
Her motto is «The sun alway shines above the clouds»

She really is a cheery face on our counter 🤩

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