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Celebrating Our Suppliers - Urban Cordial Including A Delicious Cocktail Recipe

natasha steele owner of urban cordial

We pride ourselves on stocking a range of goods on our shelves that compliment our cheeses. We spend a great deal of time sourcing a well-balanced range of products from around the country - championing some of the best small producers there are. This list is ever-evolving and we love to hear when local people start producing something or can recommend a great product we just have to stock, so please do keep those suggestions coming. 

Each month we'd like to introduce one of our suppliers to you, starting with a new producer from London who we began stocking just before Christmas. 

Here at George & Joseph we are continually looking at ways we can reduce our environmental impact. From moving to solely paper bags only giving them out if customers ask for one, to giving away our wooden cheese boxes as free kindling, to re-using freezer blocks and packaging that come in with our deliveries to heavily discounting old bread as toasting loaves to keep our food waste down. 

Food waste is a big issue and one which we're consciously trying to reduce - if you got us started on best before and use by dates on food you'd never be able to shut us up - more on that another day!

Did you know that 20 - 40% of produce intended for supermarkets is thrown away due to cosmetic reasons?

It's insane. What makes it even more unpalatable is looking at the figures behind this ie how much water is required to grow the fruit we eat - incredibly 70 litres of water for just one apple!

Along came Urban Cordial - Chief Juicer Natasha started to forage for ingredients in her allotment and turn them into cordials. She uses very little sugar, allowing the fruits’ true flavour to shine through.

In an effort to always source the best ingredients, Natasha was also aware of the serious problem of food surplus. The scale of the issue was clear; over a third of global food doesn’t reach our plates, often only because it is considered odd-looking despite being perfectly good to eat. So Natasha contacted local farms to North London to ask if they had surplus produce… and they did! To date, Urban Cordial has helped save over 30 tonnes of fruit from landfill.

This is true small batch production with a conscience and is why we love Urban Cordial, apart from the fact that Natasha's cordials also taste incredible.

We currently stock Elderflower; Apple, Cinnamon & Clove; Raspberry & Rosemary; and Pear & Ginger. 

Below we've included one of Natasha;s delicious cocktails Will You Be My Clementine which includes the Apple, Cinnamon & Clove cordial.

Will You Be My Clementine: 
35ml Gin - we recommend local gin Folklore Society (Non-Alcoholic Gin can be used instead)
30ml Apple, Cinnamon & Clove Cordial - AKA Bobby!
20ml Clementine Juice
Tonic Water
Orange Bitters (optional)

Pour gin, cordial and juice over ice. Top up with tonic water and stir. Add a dash of bitters. Serve.

will you be my clementine cocktail recipe from urban cordial


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