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stilton for blue cheese sauce recipe

Baked Buffalo Chicken Wings with a Blue Cheese Dip

 Ingredients for blue cheese dip:

  • 150ml buttermilk
  • 150ml soured cream
  • 85g blue cheese, crumbled - we use cheeses such as Gorgonzola, Beauvale, Stilton or Stichelton 
  • 1 garlic clove, crushed
  • 1/4 tsp sweet paprika
  1. Line a baking sheet with tinfoil and lightly grease. Put the flour, cayenne pepper, garlic powder and salt into a food bag with the wings. Toss until all the wings are coats in the mix. Place the wings onto the baking sheet and place in the fridge to cool for at least one hour
  2. Pre-heat the oven to 200º. In the meantime make the blue cheese dip by mixing all the ingredients together with a pinch of salt. Cover and chill until serving
  3. Whisk the melted butter and hot sauce in a small bowl. Dip each wing in the mix until fully covered then place back onto the baking sheet. Bake in the oven (turning them about half way through) for about 45 minutes - until they are crispy on the outside and are no longer pink in the middle
  4. Serve the wings with the blue cheese dip and celery sticks. We also like to serve with a hoppy IPA and truffle parmesan fries for that authentic NYC meal, YUM!
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