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Tunworth Camembert 250g

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250g Whole Cheese - this individually wrapped cheese will come with a longer use by date, purchase this if you will be consuming your cheese after more than 7 days.

Whole cheese is roughly 250g, halves are also available.

Made by Hampshire Cheeses, near Basingstoke.  The history of the cheese being that Australian Stacey Hedges settled in Hampshire and decided to start making Tunworth after asking cheesemongers which cheeses they thought were not being produced in the UK. The answer kept coming back the same - Camembert.   

This cheese is made using traditional Camembert recipes and techniques straight from Normandy, France. Tunworth has been described by Raymond Blanc as “the best Camembert in the world”.  It is multi award-winning, having been awarded Supreme Champion at the British Cheese Awards in 2006 and 2013.

They buy their milk in daily from a local farm - Rotherfield Park - each morning from a herd of cows - Montbeliarde, Swedish Red and Holstein-Freisian - who graze on the Hampshire grass creating cheeses that tell the tale of the county's terroir. 

This is an incredible cheese that is hard to fault - ripe, big mushroom flavours, oozy with a salty kick. It's flavours are complex, intense and long-lasting. The cheeses are ripened slowly over 7- 8 weeks to encourage the moulds and yeasts on the surface of the white bloomy rind. As it ripens the rind turns more of a yellow/orange colour and the flavours deepen.


Recipe Ideas:

Head to The G&J Journal to download our Baked Tunworth recipe with rosemary and garlic. Also sold as part of a Baked Camembert Hamper with a Fine Cheese Co Ceramic Cheese Baker. 

Drink Recommendation:

lbv port

Cracker Recommendation:

peters yard sourdough crispbreads

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