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taleggio DOP

Taleggio DOP

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 italian taleggio from arrigoni batista

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A semi-soft square shaped Italian washed rind cheese. The weekly washing in a brine solution gives the cheese its distinctive pinky orange coloured rind with a light grey / sage green mould. It has quite a white thick squidgy almost springy paste underneath this. Mild buttery flavours with a little sweetness, quick sticky to the touch. 

This is a multi award wining cheese including Gold at the 2018 World Cheese Awards. 

According to historical records, the Arrigoni family settled in the Valle Taleggio, North of Bergamo around the Year 1000. Descendent Battista Arrigoni established an agricultural company on returning to Pagazzano near Bergamo from the USA in 1914. The company later started to diversify into milk processing. In 1935 a small dairy was set up next to the barn with the animals in to make cheese, primarily Taleggio. 

PDO Taleggio has a 4 ring marking on its rind to signify its status. The cheese must be produced within three areas in Italy - Lombardy which includes Bergamo, Veneto and Piedmont. Ageing lasts at least 35 days. 

Recipe Ideas:

A classic Italian table cheese, however it is also a good melting cheese and there are plenty of recipes using Taleggio on the producer's website such as this Asparagus Flan with Taleggio Fondue - yum!

Cracker Recommendation:

fine cheese co wheat rounds

Drinks Recommendation:

chilean pinot noir


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