ogleshield raclette cheese
ogleshield raclette cheese

Ogleshield Raclette

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ogleshield raclette cheese from somerset

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This is a British raclette cheese produced by Jamie Montgomery who makes traditional cheddars down in Somerset. The cheese initially started out with the name Jersey Shield. However after a decision by Neals Yard Dairy cheese maturer Bill Oglethorpe to wash the rind in brine solution to try to mature the grey mouldy rind better, the name was then changed to Ogleshield in honour of him. 

The rind is now a beautiful golden yellow colour with a same colour of paste underneath. There is great depth of flavour to this raclette cheese, a delicious smell with a little stickiness to the touch. It is washed in brine solution every 3 days creating a pungent rind and savoury notes, made using only Jersey cow's milk. 

We have tried this cheese up against both French and Swiss raclette cheeses and this wins hands down every time. The texture of the cheese is quite solid almost rubbery and pliant and as such makes it the perfect melting cheese. 

We recommend roughly 200g of raclette cheese per person. 

Recipe Ideas:

Boil up some potatoes, melt the cheese using a specialist raclette grill or standard kitchen grill, then serve with charcuterie and cornichons. Take a look at our blog post on all our melting cheeses - here. 


Drinks Recommendation:

castel Firmian italian pinot grigio rose

Recommended Accompaniments:

lishmans sliced charcuterie


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