lishmans sliced charcuterie
Lishmans Sliced Charcuterie
lishmans butchers ilkley yorkshire pork and fennel salami
Lishmans Sliced Charcuterie
lishmans of ilkley bresaola
lishmans of ilkley smoked salami

Lishmans Sliced Charcuterie

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Packs of sliced charcuterie from Award-winning butchers Lishmans of Ilkley. All made using high-welfare outdoor reared Yorkshire pigs.

1. Air Dried York Ham - cured from the back leg in a traditional York cure. Ingredients: Yorkshire Pork, Dry Cure, Spices. Minimum 55g, roughly 6 thin slices

2. Fennel Salami - seasoned with fennel to produce an Italian style salami, serve with pickled onions. Ingredients: Yorkshire Pork, Curing Salts, Garlic, Fennel Seeds, Spices. Minimum 65g, roughly 12 slices

3. Chorizo - seasoned with paprika and garlic. Ingredients: Yorkshire Pork, Curing Salts, Garlic, Paprika. Average weight 56g, roughly 12 slices

4. Bresaola - dry cured Yorkshire beef seasoned with rosemary and red wine cured for a minimum of 8 weeks. We love serving this with rocket, parmesan and a really good quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Average weight 55g, roughly 7 large slices

5. Smoked Salami - local, high welfare pork simply seasoned and oak smoked to produce an artisan salami for charcuterie boards or on pizza. Average weight 100g, roughly 12 slices

We take fresh deliveries from Lishmans Butchers every Wednesday and Friday.

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