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Langres is an absolutely delightful incredibly soft washed-rind cheese. It comes from the town of Langres situated in the Champagne-Ardenne region close to the border with Burgundy. 

The rind is a distinctive orange colour which needs to be kept cool but do not store this cheese at too cold a temperature or it will harden too much - it is best eaten as soft as possible. The rind gains it's colour from the rind washing which happens during it's maturation at the creamery. They first wash it in annatto, a natural plant dye the move onto a local eau de vie distilled from grape skins - such as Marc de Champagne or Marc de Bourgogne.

Washing helps to break down the lactic, yoghurty centre to give a rich, creamy, runny rind. It also adds a little earthy spiciness and slight alcohol notes to the finish. 

We take our Langres from the Courtyard Dairy who mature it for an additional 8 weeks, continuing on with the washing in Marc de Bourgogne to further ripen and intensify it's flavours. 

Similar to a Munster or Epoisses, we think this looks lovely on a cheeseboard with it's beautiful brain-like patterns.

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