6 month semi-curado manchego

La Oveja Negra Manchego (Semi-Curado)

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One of very few Manchegos produced in a non-industrial setting – by the Parra family who also own organic vineyards in La Mancha.  They use milk from their own herd of black sheep hence the name La Oveja Negra. This is a semi-curado Manchego which means it is aged for 3 – 6 months rather than the 12 months of a curado. This makes it more moist, less hard than the fully matured version, with nutty, herbaceous, sweet and savoury flavours and a little saltiness.

We recommend eating this with a bottle of young Rioja Crianza

Made in La Mancha, Spain

Ewe's Milk, UnPasteurised, Traditional Rennet