graceburn marinated soft cows milk cheese

Graceburn Organic Marinated Cow's Milk Feta-style 250g Jar

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graceburn marinated feta style cheese

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250g jar.

British Organic marinated soft cow's milk cheese infused with Mediterranean herbs. It is based on a Persian Fetta recipe very similar to Greek Feta but marinaded in oil rather than brine, using cold pressed rapeseed oil from Hertfordshire, then infused with garlic, thyme, bay and pepper.

Produced by London based Blackwoods Cheese Company, which was set up in 2013 by friends Tim Jarvis and David Holton, both ex-Neals Yard Dairy employees. The cheese is made in a style that is often seen in Australia where David is from but not in the UK. 

Their dairy and farm is in Kent where they have a herd of Friesian, Holstein, Swedish Red and Montbeliarde cows - taking the milk when it is fresh and still warm from the milking. 

Recipe Idea:

Slice green and red pepper, cucumber, tomato and red onion and lay out on a plate. Drizzle over the Graceburn cheese and some of the oil marinade over the top of the salad. Add any more seasoning to taste. 

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