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Gorwydd Organic Caerphilly

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organic milk cheese

Brothers, Todd and Maugan began their cheesemaking careers over 25 years ago on their family farm in the Teifi Valley, Ceredigion, Wales. Throughout their years in Wales they perfected their Caerphilly recipe, maturing their cheese longer than other makers to produce a fuller flavoured award-winning cheese. 

In 2014 they moved just over the Welsh border to North Somerset in order to source their organic milk from a single herd. They built their new dairy within 5 miles of Cheddar in the North of the county taking their milk from a herd of pasture-fed Holstein-Friesian and Jersey cows. The rich Jersey milk lends the cheese a creamy richness with a unique flavour you don’t get from other Caerphillys.

They use unPasteurised milk and only traditional methods  - relying on hands rather than machines to do the work. Gorwydd is multi award-winning, most recently in 2019 at the World Cheese Awards in Bergamo, Italy it won 11th best cheese in the world out of 3000 cheeses!



‘I implore everyone who likes crumbly cheese to try Caerphilly, there are so many styles of crumblies to be had but this is stand out exceptional!’


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