french crottin
french loire valley goats cheese


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A delightfully soft and creamy French goat from the classic Loire Valley.  Our crottin is produced by multi-generational family business Pierre Jacquin et Fils who have specialised in producing goat's cheeses over the last 50 years and 3 generations. 

They currently produce roughly 30 different goat's cheeses from their plant right in the middle of the Loire Valley, the biggest goat's cheese producing area in France. They mainly produce AOC cheeses such as Valencay and Selles sur Cher.

This is a strong goaty cheese, the flavours enhance the longer it matures for and ripens. Spring and summer produce the best Crottin of the year just after the goat's milk comes back in for the lambing. This isn't to say it doesn't taste incredible all year round!

Recipe Idea:

Crottin is quite a versatile cheese in cooking and can be used in salads, on top of tarts and how about grilling it on toast then drizzling honey over, wow! Take a look here. 

Wine Recommendation:

mahi new zealand marlborough sauvignon blanc


Cracker Recommendation:

fine cheese co rosemary and EVOO crackers