24 month aged comte


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A 24-month aged highest grade Comté.

This is a truly WOW cheese. We now stock a 24-month aged Comté instead of our 12-month aged and boy does it taste out of this world. Due to the extra time maturing it is stronger, with more powerful flavours, nutty with an incredible salty crunch that only comes with age.

Comté production in France dates back to the 12th Century, it started as an Emmental style with holes but over the years it was developed into a denser cheese more in the style of a Gruyere, perfect for using the rich milk from the Montbéliarde cows.

All Comté cheeses are graded by inspectors following a 20-point system. Any cheese scoring 15 and over is given a green label around the outside of the cheese.  Scores of 12 – 15 get a red label and any with a score lower than 3 cannot be called a Comté at all.

We recommend pairing with a Jura white wine such as a Savagnin or Chardonnay

Made in Jura, France

Cow's Milk, UnPasteurised, Traditional Rennet