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Beauvale is produced by family-run creamery Cropwell Bishop who have been involved in cheesemaking since 1847 and who are now one of the last traditional Stilton producers still in operation. They are staffed by locals, some having been with them for over 30 years, so the business feels like one big family. They also have 13 farms in the Peak District supplying milk - all family-run business like theirs, feeling like one big extended Cropwell Bishop family. 

In the creamery's own words - "They work hard to provide us with the best possible raw material for our cheese, and in return we take a keen interest in their livelihoods. We know that there can be no quality cheese without quality milk, you see. And ensuring that our suppliers are happy is key to keeping our creamery topped up with the some of the finest milk in the region."

As well as traditional Stilton and White Stilton they also make a soft milder blue called Beauvale which is fashioned on a Gorgonzola recipe.  It takes its name from the Vale of Belvoir which surrounds the creamery. 

Robin decided to experiment to come up with a blue cheese that was milder than their Stilton. After two years of work Beauvale was born - it is softer, milder, sweeter with a lovely salty tang and buttery texture. It is hand-ladled into wider more shallow moulds and uses milder strains of cultures. Instead of rubbing up the outside as is done with all Stiltons to achieve their characteristic ring this cheese is left to develop a thin rind naturally. 

Recipe Idea:

Head to the Cropwell Bishop website here to find their Peach, Parma Ham & Beauvale recipe, we think our Lishmans Air Dried Ham would be a great substitute for the parma. 

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