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baron bigod brie runny brie de meaux from suffolk england
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Baron Bigod Brie

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fen farm dairy baron bigod suffolk brie

People often ask us for a Brie de Meaux – we don’t stock any and the reason for that is this incredible cheese - Baron Bigod. It is a brie-style soft cheese produced in Suffolk to a Brie de Meaux recipe and boy does it hold it’s own against some of the best Bries produced in France today so we thought we’d keep it as local as possible.

Produced by Fen Farm Dairy near Bungay in the Waveney River Valley in Suffolk. It is a farm passed through generations of the Crickmore family with Jonny and wife Dulcie now running it. They hand-picked their herd of Montbeliarde cows from the French Jura. These cows don’t produce vast quantities of milk but what they do produce is protein rich, flavoursome and perfect for cheesemaking – some of the best French cheeses come from Montbeliarde cows such as Comte, Vacherin and Reblochon. They are grass-fed in Spring, Summer and Autumn and when they come inside in Winter are fed home-grown hay, haylage, grass and maize silage.

Creamy and rich with bundles of flavour - vegetal, earthy mushroom flavours, also salty, delightfully so. This is smooth and buttery and really does just melt in your mouth.

Recipe Ideas:

You cannot beat putting this cheese on any cheeseboard - it is always in our cheesemongers' top cheeseboard choices. It is also great as a very decadent sandwich cheese for example in a crazily good Brie & Bacon Baguette or Ciabatta. Also take a look at the Mr Porter website for an incredible sounding Truffle Baron Bigod Toast recipe from London Restaurant Darbys. 

Drinks Recommendation:

rioja crianza

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