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winslade vacherin style cheese
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Winslade (Vacherin style) 230g

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hampshire cheeses winslade vacherin style

pasteurised milk cheese cow's milk cheesecheese made with vegetarian rennet

230g Whole Cheese - this individually wrapped cheese will come with a longer use by date, purchase this if you will be consuming your cheese after more than 7 days.

Whole cheese is roughly 230g, halves are also available. 

This is a British Vacherin / Camembert hybrid cheese. It is produced by Hampshire Cheeses, the same people who produce our British Camembert - Tunworth. So expect a pretty incredible cheese here!

This cheese was in development for about five years. It is wrapped in spruce bark just the same way as Vacherin and is matured as are traditional Camemberts. It is milder than the Tunworth but still has rich, complex flavours, it won't disappoint. It has gentle pine notes coming from the spruce and is delicately earthy. It is incredibly soft and runny and as with Vacherin you can just serve it with a spoon, rather than a knife. 

The colour of the pink dappled rind may make you think it is a washed rind cheese, however it isn't. But it does use similar moulds and bacteria as washed rind cheeses do and this imparts the colour difference to other white bloomy rinded cheeses. 

Winslade is multi award-winning just like it's sister cheese - most recently wining  Best Soft Cheese at the 2018 Artisan Cheese Awards and being awarded 2 starts at the 2017 Great Taste Awards. 

Recipe Ideas:

A good alternative to a camembert if you are looking for another style of cheese to bake in the oven. Take a look at our Rosemary & Garlic Roasted recipe here

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peter\s yard large original flavour sourdough crisp bread

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