waterloo cow's milk soft cheese from berkshire village maid cheeses


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A soft quite firm cheese made from Guernsey cow's milk with a white rind and a golden yellow paste. This colour comes from the rich milk provided by the pedigree herd of Guernsey cows. The cheese is made by washing the curds which reduces acidity and gives it a little sweetness. 

This cheese is most similar in style to a bloomy rind such as a brie - it is rich, creamy and mild with gentle flavours. It does not have as strong, earthy flavours as the Baron Bigod Brie. A good soft cheese for kids. 

Village Maid cheese was started by Anne Wigmore in 1986 and the business is now run by Anne, her husband Andy and their son Jake with his fiancée Kayleigh. Anne started the business producing Spenwood, a ewe's milk cheese. Waterloo was developed further down the line and a ewe's milk version Wigmore was created in response to a request from Neals Yard Dairy. 

Recipe Ideas:

This is a great standalone cheese on any cheeseboard, especially when you are looking for a mild brie-style cheese. We had a look for some recipe ideas and found this delicious sounding salad, you can even source your black pudding from George & Joseph, here - Lishmans Black Pudding.

The recipe is Warm Black Pudding,  Broad Bean and Waterloo Salad. 

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