ticklemore goat's cheese from devon


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Ticklemore (named after a street in Totnes) was originally made by Robin Congdon who is also producer of Harbourne and Beenleigh Blue, two of our most interesting blues on the counter. He then passed the technique and recipe onto Debbie Mumford at Sharpham Dairy which is on the Sharpham Estate alongside their winery. 

Sharpham have their own herd of cows but buy in goat and ewe milk from local farms. The goat's milk gives the cheese a stark white colour, it is a semi-hard cheese which is quite firm and flaky/chalky. It is not too strong, lovely and mellow for those who are a little shy of goat's cheeses with hints of lemon and herbs and a faint goaty aroma. 

It has a thin natural bloomy rind which is rubbed by hand weekly during its 3 to 4 weeks of maturation. 

A great cooking cheese if you are looking for a goat's cheese that melts well. 

Recipe Idea:

We love the sound of this recipe we found courtesy of the Field Kitchen at Riverford Organic - take a look here at the Crown Prince Squash, Ticklemore and Spinach Pie  perfect as we head into squash season in the UK.

Wine Recommendation:

castel Firmin pinot grigio

Cracker Recommendation:

fine cheese co rosemary and EVOO crackers