stinking bishop
stinking bishop washed rind cheese from gloucestershire
charles martell & son stinking bishop

Stinking Bishop

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stinking bishop cheese facts

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A vivid orange coloured washed-rind cheese from deep in the South West cider and perry making region where the rind is washed in perry during the short 8-week ageing process.

The variety of pear used to make the perry is called Stinking Bishop which gives the cheese its name, not the smell of the cheese! The pungent almost meaty aromas come from the washing of the rind. This is probably one of our smelliest cheeses, if not THE smelliest! Stinking Bishop in turn gets its name from a local Bishop who was named Stinking Bishop because of his raucous behaviour. 

Despite its smell this is not too strong a cheese with mellow delicate flavours. The bright orange rind is quite sticky to the touch and there is a lovely squidgy light coloured paste underneath which becomes runnier with age. 

This is a monastic style of cheese which owes its origin to the Cistercian order of monks who once farmed the pastures of Hunts Court Farm. As with many monastic cheeses, this variety is matured in humid cave-like conditions. It is produced by family firm Charles Martell & Son which was established 50 years ago by Charles himself who milked his three Old Gloucester cows. 


Recipe Ideas:

This cheese could work nicely in a tart - see this recipe on the BBC Food website for a Wild Mushroom and Stinking Bishop tart. 

Cracker Recommendation:

popti sea salt and seaweed thins for cheese

Drink Recommendation:

don antonio 10 year tawny port

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