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Ribblesdale Mature Goat - Goatisan

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ribblesdale cheese company goatisan

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Made in small batches by Iona Hill and her team in Hawes right in the middle of Wensleydale. Following a career in accounting, Iona inherited the business from her Uncle Ian who set it up in 1978 but sadly passed away in 2006.  The Ribblesdale Cheese Company are a stone’s throw from the large Wensleydale Creamery in Hawes, however they are much smaller! Ribblesdale specialise in small scale cheese production, mostly of goat and ewe's milk cheeses.  

Their mature goat cheese which was affectionately named Goatisan by a customer who likened it to a Goat Parmesan, though it wouldn't be as dry or hard as a parmesan and still has a little give in it with plenty of flavour. This is the aged, more mature version of their Superior Goat which we used to stock and is aged for 3 to 5 months. Is has a firm texture with strong flavours and a salty tang. 

This cheese melts really well so is a great cooking cheese for those who prefer goat rather than cow's milk cheeses. 

Recipe Ideas:

Try our Cauliflower Cheese recipe using this as a goat's cheese alternative to our Cow's Milk Cheddar. Great for this who have a cow's milk intolerance.

Drink Recommendation:

argentinian malbec paired with goat's cheese

Cracker Recommendation:

 fine cheese co wheat rounds

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