old winchester aged gouda/cheddar/parmesan cheese
old winchester

Old Winchester

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A hard cheese made by Lyburn Farm in Wiltshire. When they started their cheesemaking business they made the decision to not make a Cheddar. So they experimented with ageing their Gouda-style Lyburn Gold for longer around 9 months to create Winchester which is a Gouda/Cheddar hybrid. 

They then age the Winchester for longer at around 18 months to crate Old Winchester, which is also known as Old Smales. This is a dryer, incredibly hard flakey cheese similar to an aged Gouda crossed with Cheddar and Parmesan. It is often used as a vegetarian Parmesan in recipes or to grate over pasta. It has nutty flavours with a salty crystalline crunch due to the extra months of ageing.

This is an incredible cheese in a class of its own. Quite often overlooked but is the favourite cheese of a number of our cheesemongers. It is multi award-winning, most recently winning in 2021 Gold and Silver at the Artisan Cheese Awards and a 2 Star Gold at the Great Taste Awards. 

Recipe Ideas:

Take a look at Friends of Ham's Autumn Burrata Salad recipe where they make their pesto using Old Winchester. 

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