buffalo blue cheese from shepherds purse north yorkshire
buffalo blue cheese made from buffalo milk
shepherds purse buffalo blue

Buffalo Blue

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Produced by Yorkshire cheesemaking legends Judy Bell and her daughters Katie and Caroline just up the road in North Yorkshire. They make a range of blues including Harrogate and Yorkshire which we also stock and are incredibly popular. . Shepherd's Purse was started in the 1980s by Judy with a mission to create quality dairy alternatives for those with a cow's milk allergy. They started producing only sheep's milk cheeses then expanded into cow's milk and buffalo milk.

The family business and their range of cheeses have since gone on to win many awards, More recently they are busy championing British sheep's milk farming through the COVID-19 pandemic which has seen 20 out of 22 processors in their producer collective disappear since March 2020. 

Buffalo Blue would be one of their strongest blues, most similar in style to a Roquefort and what we would recommend if that is what someone is looking for. The milk is taken every two weeks from a British single herd of Italian Water Buffalo, they then produce the cheese by hand in small batches. 

This is a strong yet well-rounded cheese, smooth and creamy, with a very clean finish.  We always love blue cheeses served with oatcakes.

Recipe Idea:

We can't find any recipes specifically using Buffalo Blue but there is a great page on the Shepherds Purse website with lots of recipes using their cheeses. We like the sound of the Yorkshire Blue Tart where you could swap out the Yorkshire Blue for the Buffalo Blue instead.

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