lishmans sliced charcuterie
Lishmans Sliced Charcuterie
lishmans butchers ilkley yorkshire pork and fennel salami
Lishmans Sliced Charcuterie

Lishmans Sliced Charcuterie

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Packs of sliced charcuterie from Award-winning butchers Lishmans of Ilkley. All made using high-welfare outdoor reared Yorkshire pigs.

1. Air Dried York Ham - cured from the back leg in a traditional York cure. Ingredients: Yorkshire Pork, Dry Cure, Spices. Minimum 55g, roughly 6 thin slices

2. Fennel Salami - seasoned with fennel to produce an Italian style salami, serve with pickled onions. Ingredients: Yorkshire Pork, Curing Salts, Garlic, Fennel Seeds, Spices. Minimum 65g, roughly 12 slices

3. Chorizo - seasoned with paprika and garlic. Ingredients: Yorkshire Pork, Curing Salts, Garlic, Paprika. Average weight 56g, roughly 12 slices


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