yorkshire fiore aged pecorino

Yorkshire Pecorino Fiore (Fiore Sardo)

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yorkshire pecorino fiore

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Mario Olianas, an Italian man (chef by trade) who settled in Yorkshire from Sardinia, produces a range of Italian-inspired ewe’s milk cheeses. He recently moved his business from his home in North Leeds to be a brand new cheesemaking facility in Otley. Meaning it is still the closest cheesemaker to our shop. 

We have a very close relationship with Mario, and he sells one of his cheeses Holy Ewe exclusively with us! We also take his fresh Pecorino, Ricotta, Pecorino Fiore and his halloumi-style.

Mario started producing cheese as a result of sibling rivalry with his brother who still lives in Italy, to see who could make the best cheese.  Made to a traditional family recipe using locally sourced ewe's milk which is delivered daily from a farm just outside Harrogate. 

This is the 6-month aged version of their super young, fresh Pecorino Fresco. This cheese is more mature, stronger in flavour and harder than his much softer Fresco. It is milky, nutty and piquant. The outside of the cheese is rubbed with olive oil after maturing.

The ewe's milk gives this cheese a lovely well-rounded richness and a white paste with a yellow coloured rind from the olive oil. 

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