truffle pecorino from italy
italian truffle pecorino
italian pecorino with black truffle added
truffle veining in hard italian pecorino cheese

Truffle Pecorino

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italian truffle pecorino

unpasteurised raw milk cheeseewe's milk cheesetraditional animal rennet cheese

The jewel in our truffle crown fresh from Italy, where fresh black truffles are added at the beginning of the cheesemaking process.  A rich hard traditionally Italian ewe's milk cheese made with 4% real truffle - no artificial flavourings or oils just the real deal!

The truffle works with the richness of the ewe's milk creating a spicy, sharp cheese that you would associate with the very best Pecorinos coming out of Italy. It is aged for minimum 5 months, and has a long lasting truffle kick to finish. 

The Villecco family started producing cheese on Sardinia in the 18th Century on hearing there was a glut of ewe's milk travelled to the island to make cheese in the Spring when there was plenty of milk, to then sell in the Summer and Autumn. They decided to move to the island for good in 1920.

They are a small producer, using traditional methods, taking milk from small farmers located around their cheesemaking facility. 

If you like truffle this is THE cheese for you. If you don't like truffles we'd stay well away - it does have strong flavours and aromas. 


Recipe Ideas:

This cheese is great with pasta - it can just be grated over the top such as this Spaghetti with Truffle Pecorino recipe which is super quick and easy to make. 

Cracker Recommendation:

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Drinks Recommendation:

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