italian 30 month aged parmesan with truffle honey
36 month aged parmesan

Parmesan (30 Month Aged)

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30 month aged parmesan

cheese made with cow's milk from the Italian brown cowunpasteurised milk cheesecheese made using traditional rennet

A strong Italian hard cheese perfect for cooking and grating with a great depth of flavour and a crunch. Our parmesan comes from a small scale producer who makes just six wheels a day. They are one of only four producers still making Parmesan in this area using milk from the traditional Italian brown cow - Vacca Bruna.

This cheese is incredibly hard and mature with a fruity richness – very flavoursome with those lovely little crunchy salty bites while being a little moist still. Contrary to popular belief this is a great cheese for any cheeseboard.  

Pair with Prosecco - A classic wine and cheese pairing and served up at many an Italian party where guests dig into a whole wheel with special parmesan knives – that’s 38kg of cheese! 

Recipe Idea:

We love using Parmesan in Italian recipes and you can't go wrong with a classic basil pesto. If you wanted to make this dish vegetarian you can substitute the Parmesan for Old Winchester which is similar but made with vegetarian rennet. Take a look at this Jamie Oliver recipe!  

Cracker Recommendation:

plum and date toasts for cheese


Drink Pairing:

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