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Killeen Goat Gouda

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Marion Roeleveld left Holland in search of the good life in Ireland after falling in love with Irish goat farmer Haske. They set up in County Galway together and in 2004 Marion made her first cheese. They now have a herd of 200 goats grazing on 50 acres of land. 

Their most popular cheese is the semi-hard Goat's Milk Gouda but they do also produce a Cow's Milk version and a raw Goat's Milk Cheddar. All their cheeses are made using traditional animal rennet so as not to affect the flavours in the cheese. 

The Killeen we sell is aged for about 12 months - having developed greater depth of flavour with toasted hazelnut and floral notes with a gentle goat flavour. Goudas have the curd washed, which removes acidity and gives a sweetness to the cheese. The waxed rind is a bright golden colour and the cheese inside is a light yellow white smooth glossy paste. 

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