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Appleby's Cheshire

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Appleby's is a dairy and farm based in Shropshire run by husband and wife Paul and Sarah Appleby and their five children. In their own words "a small traditional farmhouse dairy making delicious, thought-provoking cheeses from a herd of grazing animals".

The fresh, raw milk is the main ingredient coming from their herd of grass-fed cows which along with factors such as the weather, the season, the grass pastures give their cheeses their unique flavours of their farm's terroir. 

The dairy was started by Paul's grandparents Lance and Lucy Appleby in 1952, back in the days when cheesemaking was seen as the female's job in the house. They set up the business in stables beside their farmhouse and it is still there to this day.  The current team of cheesemakers and affineurs still learn and take inspiration from Lucy's cheese make notes. 

This is a White Cheshire, a very traditional British crumbly territorial cheese. It has a beautiful milky white paste which is quite soft to touch, turning to a slightly greyer colour at the clothbound rind. The cheese takes on earthy complex long-lasting flavours from the grass-fed cow's milk. Each cheese is matured for around 3 months.

Interesting fact is that White Cheshire is more popular in Northern England than it is in the South of the country!

As well as the red wines we've suggested above this cheese can be enjoyed with a glass of cider or perry. 


Recipe Idea:

We love the idea of this recipe which uses Cheshire cheese - Tarte owt of lent - made using cheese, eggs and cream - traditionally three things you are not supposed to eat during lent. 

Cracker Recommendation: 

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 Drink Recommendation:

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