baltzersens bakery ciabatta


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A traditional Italian bread made with cold-pressed rapeseed oil which gives increased elasticity and develops an open crumb.  Made by Bakeri Baltzersen, Harrogate using mainly white flour but also a little rye flour. The finished product has a thin lightly floured crust and a lovely soft interior.  We send them out fresh on the day of delivery and they are best eaten within 2 - 3 days of dispatch. 

Vegetarian and Vegan

This is a great bread to eat super fresh with soup and lashings of salted butter. 

Allergens: gluten

Please be aware that any bread sent via our nationwide courier service will arrive with you 1 or 2 days old and will not be as fresh.  They can be refreshed in the oven or toaster. Suitable for freezing.