leeds blue

Leeds Blue

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Mario Olianas, an Italian man (chef by trade) settled in Yorkshire from Sardinia, produces a range of Italian-inspired ewe’s milk cheeses from the production facility at his home in Adel. His are without a doubt the most local cheeses we stock. We also take his fresh Pecorino, Ricotta and will be stocking his brand new Halloumi-style very soon.

A very creamy soft cheese which is fresh like their Pecorino, most similar in texture to a Gorgonzola. A gentle mild blue aged for 30 days with savoury notes, a little bitter with some sweetness that lingers in your mouth. The ewe's milk (sourced from a farm daily just outside Harrogate) gives this cheese a lovely rounded richness. 


Pair with a Tawny Port or Merlot.

Made in Adel, North Leeds

Ewe's Milk, Pasteurised, Traditional Rennet