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Summer Field – a Yorkshire Alpine classic!

Summer Field – a Yorkshire Alpine classic!

Get your taste buds on a real-deal, artisanal cheese experience with Summer Field Alpine-style cheese! Handcrafted at Botton Creamery, tucked near Whitby on the North York Moors, this traditional cheese truly captures the essence of the local land.
Made during the summer months, when the sun's out and the cows are having a good time in the grassy fields, Summer Field gets its unique character from the organic milk provided by the herd. This cheese is all about nature's best, and its name does justice to the vibrant summer vibes. The rich, golden milk from the herd of 46 Dairy Shorthorn cows brings some serious quality to the table.
Time to let your taste buds go on a proper adventure - the kind you'd have up in the Alps. Wrap your head around the sweet and nutty notes, followed by a good old strong kick that sticks around. The North York Moors' proper earthiness comes through strong, like a snapshot of the landscape.
Made following an old-school Alpine recipe, Summer Field is a smashing alternative to big shots like Etivaz and Comté, it's got that same top-notch quality and proper tradition going on.
Botton Village, a mainstay of the Camphill Village Trust, is all about sustaining itself and keeping things natural. Around 130 locals, each with their own skills, lend a hand to make Summer Field and more. Alistair Pearson, a local lad who went off to Germany to learn his cheesy craft, came back and started creating cheeses with an Alpine influence. These days cheese production is handled by the Botton Creamery team.
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