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Meet the Mongers - Patrick

Meet the Mongers - Patrick

Next up in Meet the Mongers we have the youngest member of our cheese team.....Patrick looking very triumphant with a Ticklemore in his hand!
patrick fleming cheesemonger at george and joseph cheesemongers leeds
A delightful mellow goat's cheese from Devon.
He's a whizz on the till and a dab hand at making up hamper boxes despite a multitude of cardboard cuts to his hands - he is a big help especially during our Christmas chaos 🤗
We asked him some quick questions:
What does you enjoy about being a cheesemonger?
I enjoy knowing lots about cheese and being able to share that knowledge with others.
What is your favourite cheese G&J stock at the moment and why?
Ticklemore - I love goats cheese and like the fairly mild flavour of Ticklemore.
Tell us three facts about you:
🧀 My middle name is the George in George & Joseph
🧀 I am coeliac but fortunately most cheese is gluten-free! (He's a good one to ask for GF cracker recommendations)
🧀 I also enjoy programming and playing the piano
Patrick works most Saturdays with us and pops up during Christmas Week, come say hi some weekend 👋. This is the future of cheesemongering right here!
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