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Meet the Mongers - Owen

Next up is Owen, our Online Orders Manager. He is relatively new to the team joining earlier this year and is busy making our online ordering and delivery system as efficient as possible.
meet the mongers owen online orders manager
With his favourite cheese at the moment - 2 year aged Reypenaer Gouda. Definitely the hardest cheese to spell on our counter!
Here's what he's got to say for himself:
🧀 Why Reypenaer?
Who knew a cheese could taste of caramel and butterscotch and be so delicious 😋
Flavour ✅
Texture ✅
Tasty ✅✅✅✅✅
🧀 Things I enjoy about working at the shop. My background is working in independent bars, and there’s a lot of similarities in the shop - the values, the ethos and the people
🧀 I love music. All music. I DJ at The Tetley, Wax Bar and PCL in Leeds. I’m also compiling playlists for the shop
🧀 When not working or DJing, I enjoy running, playing football and spending lots of time with the family having nice long walks
🧀 I am a Dad of one, soon to be two and my family are really getting into cheese just as much as me
Hi Owen 👋
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