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Alice Cheesemonger at George & Joseph

Meet the Mongers - Alice

cheesemonger alice with cornish mature gouda
Cheesemonger Alice with Killeen in front of our beautiful mural by Cortisol Kid.
Many of you will recognise Alice, she's been a firm fixture on our cheese counter since 2019.
Here's the gen:
🧀 She became a cheesemonger simply because she loves cheese
🧀 She is a multi instrumentalist and graduated in Music Composition
🧀 When she's not cheesemongering Alice loves cooking, cats, beer and music
🧀 Killeen - she likes cheeses that aren’t really hard, but also aren't super runny so Killeen is perfect. It is smooth and nutty with so much flavour. Plus in Spring, the goat's milk is at its best!
Come in and try Killeen and say hi to Alice at the same time!
Killeen is also available to order here.
alice in front of cortisol kid mural at george and joseph shop in chapel allerton
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