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Dry January: Exploring Non-Alcoholic Cheese Pairings

Dry January: Exploring Non-Alcoholic Cheese Pairings

 January is here, and with it comes the annual tradition of Dry January – a month dedicated to taking a break from booze. But just because the wine and spirits are taking a break, doesn't mean your taste buds should! This is the perfect opportunity to explore the world of non-alcoholic cheese pairings. We’ve put together five different pairings for you to try this January:

Sparkling Apple Juice with Yoredale Wensleydale

This creamy, crumbly Yorkshire cheese pairs brilliantly with a crisp, sparkling apple juice. The juice’s effervescence and fruity notes complement the cheese's mild, slightly sweet flavour. It’s a match that brings out the best of English countryside flavours.

 Elderflower Presse with Cornish Yarg

This semi-hard cheese is known for its fresh, creamy texture and herbal undertone. Combine it with a glass of elderflower presse. The floral and sweet notes of the presse elegantly balance the earthy, grassy notes of the Yarg, creating a dance of flavours that's both refreshing and unique.

Ginger Beer with Baron Bigod

Pair a soft and creamy Baron Bigod Brie with a zesty ginger beer. The ginger beer's spiciness and fizz cut through the richness of the brie, cleansing the palate and adding an invigorating kick to each bite.

Cranberry Juice with Tunworth

The creamy and earthy Tunworth Camembert finds a vibrant partner in cranberry juice. The juice's tartness and slight sweetness contrast nicely with the cheese's buttery flavour.

Black Coffee with Reypenaer Mature Gouda

Finally, something a little unexpected.  Reypenaer Mature Gouda, with its caramel-like sweetness and nutty undertones, meets its match in the robust bitterness of black coffee. This combination creates a rich interplay where the coffee's warmth and sharpness cleanse the palate, accentuating the Gouda's deep caramel notes, while the cheese softens and highlights the coffee's aromatic qualities.





These pairings showcase the versatility and depth of flavours that can be achieved with non-alcoholic beverages and British artisan cheeses. Each combination offers a unique taste experience, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to your Dry January explorations.


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