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Discover the Story of Gorwydd Caerphilly Cheese

Discover the Story of Gorwydd Caerphilly Cheese

Meet Todd and Maugan, two brothers with over 25 years of cheesemaking wisdom. Their journey began on a family farm nestled in the picturesque Teifi Valley, Ceredigion, Wales. 🌾🏞️

What makes their Gorwydd Caerphilly cheese truly exceptional? It's the dedication to perfection. Unlike others, they let their cheese mature for longer, resulting in a fuller, more award-winning flavour. 🧀🏆

In 2014, they crossed the Welsh border to North Somerset, all in the pursuit of sourcing milk from a single, special herd. 🐄 Their new dairy sits just 5 miles from the famous Cheddar region, drawing milk from pasture-fed Holstein-Friesian and Jersey cows. 🥛🐄

But it's the rich Jersey milk that gives their cheese that creamy, uniquely delightful flavour you won't find in any other Caerphilly. 🥇🇯🧀

At Gorwydd, they stick to tradition. 🕰️ They use unpasteurised milk and rely on skilled hands, not machines, to craft their cheese. The result? A multi-award-winning masterpiece. 🏆🌍

In 2019, at the World Cheese Awards in Bergamo, Italy, Gorwydd Caerphilly took the 11th spot among 3000 cheeses! 🌟🇮🏆

We’re showcasing Gorwydd Caerphilly in our monthly cheese selection - grab yours from our website today! 🧀

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