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10 years of our shop in Chapel Allerton!

10 years of our shop in Chapel Allerton!

Can you believe it? A whole decade has passed since we first swung open our doors in Chapel Allerton! Time really does fly.

Cast your minds back to this very day ten years ago – that's when we introduced ourselves to the wonderful folks of Chapel Allerton with our original shop (which has now transformed into Wayward Wine Shop & Bar). We timed it perfectly for the Chapel Allerton Arts Festival – a stroke of genius considering the festival's huge turnout. Looking back, it might have seemed a bit mad, diving into the world of running a cheese shop without any prior experience!

Zoom ahead almost exactly four years, and we moved just around the corner to our current shop on Harrogate Road.

These past ten years have been quite the rollercoaster – we've weathered power cuts, battled floods, tackled pandemics, and more. Amidst all that, we've hosted a plethora of events both within our shop and in partnership with other fantastic local businesses. We powered through lockdown by sending out thousands of orders and slicing through tonnes of cheese!

Being part of Chapel Allerton has been an absolute joy. Witnessing its growth into a vibrant shopping destination alongside the incredible independent businesses surrounding us has been heartwarming. The support we receive from our local comrades is truly heartening.

We've even snagged some awards along the way – crowned Best UK Cheese Retailer in 2018, as well as Best Business in the Cara Chapel Allerton awards. This year, we're proudly waving the flag for Best Retailer at the Farm Shop & Deli Show Awards, along with the People's Choice title at the Academy of Cheese Affineur of the Year competition.

To share the celebrations with everyone, we're giving you all a generous 10% off everything in-store and online throughout this week. If you're indulging in some online retail therapy, pop in the code 10YEARS on our website to snag your discount!

Looking to the future, we're excited for the next ten years. Stay tuned for details of lots of new events and exciting news heading your way! 🎉

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  • Tony Hodgson

    I remember it well, walking down Regent Street and noticing a new shop about to open, Cheesmonger, well, as a devoted cheese lover, I could not wait to enter and expolore the cheesey delights. I was not dissapointed, and have continued to enjoy fine cheese from far and wide. More power to Stephen and his excellent hard working staff.

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