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Truffle Gouda (Villa Truffo)

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villa truffo gouda

cheese made with unpasteurised raw milkcow's milk cheesetraditional animal rennet cheese

An incredibly popular cheese at George & Joseph.

Villa Truffo is a Dutch Gouda with Italian black truffles added in from the forests of Monti Sibillini.  It is semi-soft with mellow creamy/buttery flavours. It is a young cheese, aged for only 6 to 8 weeks, giving it a springy texture. The intense truffle gives it an almost mushroomy flavour and a distinctive aroma. It is a washed curd cheese which gives it a little sweetness. 

It is a traditional farmhouse Gouda produced by the Verweij family, run by brothers Cock, Pieter and Jaco. They farm cows and make the cheese themselves, with 330 milk cows and 190 young grazing on about 115 hectares. 

A luxurious cheese that is often on our customers' festive cheeseboards. 

Recipe Ideas:

There are plethora of gratin, risotto and mac n cheese recipes online which use cheese and truffle oil, we think you could use this Gouda as an alternative to the truffle oil. 

Drink Recommendation:

canevel prosecco


Cracker Recommendation:

fine cheese co wheat rounds

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