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The Philosophy of Cheese by Patrick McGuigan

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A beautiful hardback book on the history of cheese.  Sink your teeth into this rich and complex history, beginning with the earliest evidence of cheese-making in 5500 BCE. Discover Feta's relation to ancient faiths, the influence of monks on Munster, the rise of Roquefort and the global trade of Gouda. 

If you've ever looked at a cheese rind and wondered 'Can I eat this?' The Philosophy of Cheese will set you right. Alongside the surprising origins of much-loved cheeses, each accompanied by illustrations from the British Library collections, this book will teach you how to serve and store your cheese, what to pair it with for an exquisite cheese tasting and how to create the cheeseboard of your dreams. 

From the Swiss Alps to New York's hipster cheese bars, journalist Patrick McGuigan has written about cheesemakers, maturers and cheesemongers around the world for The Telegraph, Delicious and the Financial Times. He is partial to a slice of Kirkham's Lancashire.