italian burrata di bufala
italian buffalo burrata

Burrata di Bufala

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italian burrata di bufala

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Small tub containing one ball of burrata.

Italian Mozzarella di Bufala Campana PDO which is then filled with fresh curds and cream making it an incredibly luxurious cheese. They use only the finest buffalo milk from PDO designated farms close to the dairy. Smooth, soft, rich, creamy, decadent, this is a cheese not to be messed with! 

Made by the La Vecchia family, it's a business which has been handed down three generations. Now run by Mimmo and his wife Concetta with jobs for his children Benito and Filomena and his brother Pasquale with his wife Donatella. 

Mimmo sees himself as a master cheesemaker, not a herdsman so they buy their milk in from nearby farms, less than 15km away from the dairy. The milk is processed within 16 hours from milking and the family use only traditional methods.  

Recipe Ideas:

Place a burrata on top of any salad to elevate it. Take a look at this salad recipe from BBC Good Food - Burrata, Tomato and Broad Bean Salad 

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