wigmore ewe's milk cheese from village maid
wigmore ewe's milk cheese
village maid cheese


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Wigmore is a ewe's milk version of Village Maid's washed curd cow's milk cheese - Waterloo. This cheese is incredibly white rind and paste and rich fruity flavours - both coming from the ewe's milk.

This is a delicate cheese, not too strong with a little sweetness - something that happens when you wash the curds during the make which also reduces the acidity.

This is a soft cheese, squidgy in texture would be a good way to describe it, rather than runny. 

Village Maid cheese was started by Anne Wigmore in 1986 and the business is now run by Anne, her husband Andy and their son Jake with his fiancée Kayleigh. Anne started the business producing Spenwood, a ewe's milk cheese. Waterloo was developed further down the line and a ewe's milk version Wigmore was created in response to a request from Neals Yard Dairy. 

Recipe Ideas:

We love this on cheeseboards but we also love the sound of this recipe - Wigmore & Red Pepper Tart - yum!

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