dale end cheddar from the north york moors
dale end cheddar sharp and strong

Dale End Organic Cheddar

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dale end cheddar from north york moors

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A strong, mature, Organic cheddar which has been aged for 18 months. Sharp flavour, probably one of our strongest cheddars we regularly stock. Dale End has an earthy tang that is rich and long lasting. We love it! It is also a great option when making a Yorkshire cheeseboard as it is the most locally produced cheddar to our cheese shop.  

Made by cheesemaker Alistair Pearson and his team at Botton Creamery in Botton Village in the North York Moors, near Whitby. 

Botton Village is part of the Camphill Village Trust – a social enterprise for people with learning disabilities, mental health problems, and other special needs. The village is fully self-sustainable and biodynamic with each of the 130 residents having a job working on the farms; making and ageing cheese; growing their own produce; working in the shop; and making bread and preserves. 

Local boy Alistair moved to Germany where he learnt his cheesemaking skills then returned to the village where he started using the rich, yellow milk from their herd of 46 Dairy Shorthorn cows to produce their first cheese - a traditional clothbound farmhouse cheddar. Shorthorns are a Craven breed well known for their superb quality milk.

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