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Tomme de Savoie PGI

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tomme de savoie

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A delicate mild flavoured almost floral cheese, semi-hard with some holes in the light yellow smooth paste. It has a thick greyish dusty rind with sweet, nutty flavours and a little earthiness / vegetableness. It is an Alpine cheese from the Savoie region of the Alps, and is produced all year round though the flavours change depending on the season and what the cow's have been fed on - hay in winter and grass in summer.

Younger cheeses are delicate and more acidic and as they mature become stronger and earthier in their flavour.  We take a Fermier Tomme de Savoie with the marking on top showing it is of higher farmer (Fermier) quality. Tomme is a by-product of the production of other mountain cheeses from Savoie such as Beaufort and is made with skimmed milk, resulting in a relatively low fat cheese at between 20 and 45%.

Tomme de Savoie was awarded Protected Geographic Indication in 1996 meaning the milk must be sourced in and the cheese produced in the Savoie region only. 

We like to pair this with white wines such as Italian or any wine from the Savoie region.

Recipe Ideas:

Another cheese that is used in Savoie cooking in things like gratins. Take a look at this Dauphinoise and Tomme de Savoie Tartelettes recipe from the Taste of Savoie website.


Drink Recommendation:

castel Firmin pinot grigio


Cracker Recommendation:

fine cheese co bath squares


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