6 month semi-curado manchego
la oveja negra spanish manchego

La Oveja Negra Organic Manchego (Semi-Curado) DO

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la oveja negra organic semi curado manchego

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One of very few Manchegos produced in a non-industrial setting. This is produced by the Parra family Organic who also own vineyards in La Mancha in Central Spain, all production is certified organic. They use milk from their own herd of heritage breed black ewes, hence the name La Oveja Negra which translates as Black Sheep.

This is a semi-curado Manchego which means it is aged for only 3 – 6 months rather than the 12 months of a curado Manchego. This makes a relatively younger cheese and as such it is more moist, less hard than the fully matured version though it is still a hard cheese.

It has nutty, herbaceous, sweet and savoury flavours with aromas that are zesty and buttery and it is more moist, less salty and sweeter with more complex flavours than equivalent factory-made Manchego. This cheese has much bigger flavours than supermarket Manchego. 

As a younger Manchego, the paste is white with a slightly crumbly texture, with the recognisable etched zig-zag rind you see on Queso Manchego. The rind is washed, coated in paraffin and dipped in olive oil - it is natural but is not edible. To be called Queso Manchego and achieve DO status it must be made in a certain way using only the milk of Manchego sheep in La Mancha.

Recipe Ideas:

We love Manchego on our cheeseboards and enjoying it with membrillo alongside green Spanish olives. Also try this recipe - Chorizo & Manchego Potato Bake from Sainsburys. 

Drink Recommendation:

rioja crianza and manchego semi-curado

Cracker Recommandation:

 fine cheese co toast for cheese quince

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