vacherin mont d'or
french melty mountain cheese vacherin mont d'or from the haut savoie alps
vacherin mont d'or

Vacherin Mont d'Or

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Boxed Vacherin - this individually wrapped cheese will come with a longer use by date, purchase this if you will be consuming your cheese after more than 7 days.


Vacherin is a truly seasonal cheese, produced only from mid-summer to late autumn using the milk from Montbeliarde cows. It is only produced between 15th August and 15th March, and only sold between 10th September and 10th May. We like to get our batches in from around November time when they really start to ripen and soften. By the time Christmas arrives they are tasting incredible, and are so soft and runny the best way to eat them is with a spoon!

Any cheeses made outside of this six month period cannot officially be called Mont d'Or. Within these months the cows are grazed in the lower valleys producing a particularly rich and fragrant milk which is perfect for making Vacherin. The rest of the year when the cows are high-mountain grazing in the Alps their milk is used to produce Comte.

Recipe Idea:

We recommend just eating Vacherin as it is with a spoon like the French do. However it is also great to bake as an even more decadent alternative to Camembert. Take a look at our recipe here for Baked Vacherin.

Cracker Recommendation:

fine cheese co wheat rounds 

Wine Recommendation:

jean-marc brocard chablis
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