st andrews cheddar clothbound 1kg truckle

St Andrews Cheddar Truckle

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The Stewart family have been farmers in Fife since the 1930s using the same traditional methods from then today to ensure their happy, healthy herd of Holstein Friesians produce top quality milk. They diversified into cheesemaking in 2008 and produce a small range of exceptional cow's milk cheeses including Anster which we stock now and again. 

Made to traditional West Country recipe with some Scottish tweaks, this is a buttery yellow cheese with a creamy texture, though slightly softer than typical cheddars. Aged for 14 months, it is a strong, powerful, tangy cheddar, long lasting on the mouth.  This rivals some of the best West Country cheddars. 

These truckles are great to sit in the centre of your festive table. As it is a whole, clothbound cheese it comes with a great shelf life when stored at the correct temperature. 

Recipe Ideas:

Take a look at the St Andrews website for some recipe recommendations including these delicious sounding cheese straws.  

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