An Evening with the Cheese Diva - Spring Goats Cheeses

spring goats cheese tasting

Thursday 2nd April from 7pm until 9pm

Cheese Diva Lisa, ex Friends of Ham, has now joined one of our cheese suppliers, helping keep our cheese counters filled up. To celebrate the arrival of Spring she will join us for an evening tasting the best goat's cheeses which we'll pair with drinks - wine, beer, port, sherry - anything goes. 

The reason we celebrate goat's cheeses as Spring sets in is that they are tasting at their absolute peak of the year. The goats have just given birth and are once again making milk. This also corresponds with moving the goats back out to pasture from the indoors where they live for the Winter. They are now grazing on lush Spring pastures which endow their milk with an array of vitamins, minerals, and other flavours, thus producing especially complex superbly tasting fresh cheeses.

Ticket price includes five cheeses, five alcoholic drinks, bread and accompaniments. 

*due to the nature of our space this event is only suitable for those who are able to stand for a two hour period